Case of the Month – Nuno Inácio

Nuno Inácio

Age- 40

Country - Portugal

Description of the Clinical Case

The patient arrived at the clinic with his oral health quite degraded. He had already lost many teeth, especially in the aesthetic area of the smile, also presenting an active periodontal disease, especially in the upper jaw teeth and the incisor teeth of the lower jaw, causing a loss of the vertical dimension of the patient’s face. The few teeth in the patient’s upper jaw could not be recovered, and the treatment had no guarantee of long-term success. Therefore, we chose to do our “Dental Treatment in 1 Day”. In the lower jaw, we placed implants in the areas where teeth were missing and completed a tooth whitening procedure on the teeth we kept on the patient.

The patient sought our help to improve his chewing ability and, at the same time, give him an aesthetic solution in accordance with his age and that would provide him with a young and healthy smile, aligned with his age and lifestyle.



  • 1st Clinical Evaluation and complementary diagnostic tests
  • 2º Implant placement surgery and provisional teeth on the patient’s teeth
  • 3rd Follow-up appointment to assess the healing and postoperative process.
  • 4th Appointment focused on dental molds for the permanent teeth and implants of the lower jaw, to be manufactured with Zirkonzahn ceramics
  • 5th Placing the ceramic teeth on the teeth and implants on the lower jaw
  • 6th Appointment focused on dental molds for the permanent teeth and implants of the upper jaw, to be manufactured with Zirkonzahn ceramics
  • 7th Placing the ceramic teeth on the teeth and implants on the upper jaw
  • 8th Assessment appointment and final photographs


  • 1st A clinical assessment will be conducted with the help of clinical study models, a Panoramic Radiograph and a Computed Tomography, and studio photographs for an aesthetic analysis.
  • 2nd This is the day where the surgery is performed and temporary teeth are placed, allowing the patient to see how the final work will look like. In other words, the change will be massive, the patient will already leave with a new smile on this day, albeit in provisional material.
  • 3rd This appointment is scheduled a few days after the surgery and its purpose is only to control the patient’s bite (occlusion), assessing as well the healing process.
  • 4th The appointment for the lower jaw permanent teeth is scheduled 2 months after step no. 2, this is when the bone and gum healing is completed, thus allowing one to assess the success of the implant healing.
  • 5th Placing the Zirkonzahn ceramics on the lower jaw and the permanent teeth molds of the teeth and implants of the upper jaw.
  • 6th Placing the Zirkonzahn ceramics on the upper jaw and bite adjustments
  • 7th Final photos in a photo studio


Lab-wise, our team will deal with the smile design itself to then print it using our state-of-the-art 3D printer, both for temporary teeth (which correspond to a model of the final work) and for the manufacturing process of ceramic dental pieces.

In the final rehabilitation stage (after the healing is completed), our technicians will focus their attention on the Zirkonzahn ceramic teeth, based on the patient’s aesthetics, symmetry, harmony and integration. A quality control will be conducted during this stage, assessing each stage until we reach the smile of your dreams. In this patient’s case, “prettau” ceramics were used, whose translucency and brightness match the natural teeth characteristics, to make the smile as close as possible to its natural counterpart.




Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

Graduated in Dental Medicine in 2007 at the I.S.C.S.E.M. – Monte de Caparica – Portugal

Registered in the O.M.D. – Portugal (the Portuguese correspondent with the British General Dental Council) since August 2007

Private Practice in Oral and Aesthetic Complex Rehabilitation (Implants and Teeth)

Clinical Director of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation of Lisbon – C.E.R.O. – Almada

Responsible for the Department of Oral Rehabilitation of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation, Lisbon and Almada

Plastic –Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery – University Complutense Madrid

Orthodontic and dental-facial Orthopedics – International Institute of Medical & Dental Science

Guest monitor of Biophysic in Dentistry Course in ISCS – Egas Moniz in years 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.

Advanced course in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Hyaluronic acid injections – Med – Estetic Madrid

Clinical Review in Occlusion Assessment

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