Dr. Tiago Ribeiro | Clinical Director

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro – Clinical Director

  • Master em Estética Dentária – Universidade Internacional Catalunha (UIC Barcelona)
  • Graduated in Dental Medicine in 2007 at the I.S.C.S.E.M. – Monte de Caparica – Portugal
  • Private Practice in Oral and Aesthetic Complex Rehabilitation (Implants and Teeth)
  • Clinical Director of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation of Lisbon – C.E.R.O. – Almada
  • Responsible for the Department of Oral Rehabilitation of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation, Lisbon and Almada
  • Plastic –Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery – University Complutense Madrid
  • Orthodontic and dental-facial Orthopedics – International Institute of Medical & Dental Science
  • Guest monitor of Biophysic in Dentistry Course in ISCS – Egas Moniz in years 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.
  • Advanced course in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Hyaluronic acid injections – Med – Estetic Madrid
  • Clinical Review in Occlusion Assessment
  • Registered in the O.M.D. – Portugal (the Portuguese correspondent with the British General Dental Council) since August 2007