ESTHETIC ALIGNER: what it consists of, its advantages and how the treatment works

The Esthetic Aligner is a virtually invisible aesthetic dental aligner that corrects almost all types of crowding problems that require orthodontic correction. It is a much more comfortable treatment and more desired by many patients due to its aesthetics.
Composed of trays made of a transparent material, Esthetic Aligner uses 3D technology in manufacturing and to determine the evolution of treatment.
With the same efficiency as other methods, results are achieved in less time with aesthetic aligners.

Advantages of Esthetic Aligner

Aesthetic aligners have many advantages over conventional appliances in addition to their aesthetic appearance.

The main advantages of the Esthetic Aligner:

    • More comfort;
    • They can be removed;
    • They make it easier to sanitize;
    • They may be associated with other treatments, including orthodontics;
    • Recommended for all ages;
    • In children, treatment can be done while they sleep;
    • Recommended for almost all types of orthodontic problems.

    The Esthetic Aligner system works based on advanced worldwide technology, which facilitates the production of the aligners and the treatment as a whole.

How is the treatment with the aesthetic aligners done?

After evaluating the patient’s case, with diagnostic aids, a model of the patient’s dental arch or the intraoral scanner is made.

This 3D model, or the resulting file from the virtual scanner, is analyzed by software that, together with Dr. Tiago Ribeiro, will determine the movement and evolution of the treatment.

Then, with German technology machinery, the acetate trays, or aligners, are manufactured.

At each step determined by the software, and under the professional observation for each patient’s progress, the patient receives aligners, which will be changed successively until the end of treatment.

Treatment time also tends to cause doubts among patients, who are interested in using this aesthetic orthodontic method. Fortunately, the duration is equal to or slightly shorter than traditional orthodontics.

Wearing time and duration of treatment

On average, treatments last between 12 and 18 months, depending on the severity of the case. The more severe the case, the longer the treatment. The minimum permanence time of the aesthetic aligners is 17 hours per day.