Clínica C.E.R.O. is proud of its work focused on oral rehabilitation and aesthetics.
Known as the smile sculptor of the Clínica C.E.R.O. Dr. Tiago Ribeiro hopes to help all patients to have a unique, beautiful and bright smile.
All patients are treated like real stars at the C.E.R.O. Clinic, because in our clinic patients are our stars and we build smiles from people to people.

General Dentist vs. Aesthetic Dentist


When you think about doing a dental treatment, you must have all the information that will allow you to choose the right professional for your problem.

Generalist Dentistry
As a rule, a general dentist does routine dental cleaning, root canal treatment and restorations, in addition to other general oral problems.
Some general dentists may also do aesthetic treatments such as tooth whitening and dental restorations, but the goal may differ from that proposed for a dentist focused on dental aesthetics.
The main focus of a general dentist is to treat and prevent oral problems associated with pain or act in the preventive area to minimize future problems of patients.


The main objective of aesthetic dentists is to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth, giving them a beautiful, harmonious and luminous smile, which allows patients to feel more comfortable laughing and, at the same time, improve the chewing and functional condition of the entire stomatognathic system.
An aesthetic dentist should devote his training and knowledge to the latest and most advanced techniques, and also to aesthetic treatments, participating in courses and programs dedicated to this specialization.
The International University of Catalonia (U.I.C.) in Barcelona is an excellent training center, which allows us to be up-to-date and deepen our knowledge in aesthetic dentistry.
As dentists dedicated to oral rehabilitation and aesthetics, the professional exercise of Dr. Tiago Ribeiro, Dr. Luís Pinheiro and Dr. André Furtado is based on these ideals, and aims to help patients to have an unforgettable smile, using the latest aesthetic treatments.
The oral health of each patient is carefully evaluated and our clinical practice is dedicated to maintaining oral health.
Also, our attention is also highly focused on the aesthetic appearance of teeth and smile.


 The most requested aesthetic dental treatments are:
  • Zirkonzahn pure ceramic bridges and crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign dental appliances
  • Pure Ceramic Facets
  • Professional ZOOM Laser Whitening
  • Dental whitening system for domestic use
  • Botox and dermal fillers
To keep abreast of the new times, our team actively participates in the most popular social networks, including:
These social networks are excellent means to interact closely with our patients, share photos of treatments before and after, as well as testimonials from patients who have undergone oral rehabilitation treatments at our clinic, and to convey other information.
Often, our patients’ fears are assuaged and dispelled after visiting our website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.
If you are afraid and anxious about this type of treatment, feel free to contact us.
Dr. Tiago Ribeiro and Dr. Luís Pinheiro are fully available dentists and are not star dentists, after all, our patients become our stars.


  • It can increase your confidence
  • You will smile more and feel more at ease
  • In your job interviews, you’ll feel more comfortable
  • Looking at yourself positively and feeling great are reflected externally


When looking for a cosmetic dentist, find out about medical training, clinical practice and experience, and evaluate the photo gallery of their treatments.

The Clínica C.E.R.O. is a clinical, professional and qualified structure, whose medical team and other elements are in continuous training, increasing its experience. We also invest in the latest technologies and state-of-the-art techniques in aesthetic dentistry.
Nowadays, there is a growing differentiation between the general dentist and the aesthetic dentist, who is exclusively dedicated to dental aesthetics.
Although the Portuguese Dental Association does not yet recognize aesthetic dentistry as a specialty, many dentists specialize and devote their time and investment to this sector. All their practice comes from the ideals imagined by them.
Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

- Licenciado em Medicina Dentária em 2007 no I.S.C.S.E.M. – Monte de Caparica - Portugal

- Registado na Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas – Portugal (desde Agosto de 2007)

- Fundador e Director Clínico na Clinica de Estética e Reabilitação Oral (C.E.R.O.) Almada

- Cirurgia Estética Plástica e Periodontal - Universidade Complutense de Madrid

- Ortodontia e ortopedia dento-facial - Instituto internacional de Ciencia Medica & Dentária





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