Helena Maria Sárrea

“The dream of having fixed prosthesis was in me for a few years ago. It is not that the miracle of the loaves happened, but one day my ability to use the acrylic prosthesis reached its limit. A long time after that, I overcame fear and scheduled the appointment.
In addition to the teeth I dreamed of, I found a team that I couldn’t imagine.
To the professionalism and competence of Dr. Tiago Ribeiro, Dr. Luis Pinheiro and the nurse Sofia Pinheiro, is added the sympathy and delicacy of the assistants Manuela Portugal and Daniela Ribeiro. In fact I felt like the most important patient in the world.
Now, with the final prosthesis finished, I just don’t know if I forgive Dr. Tiago Ribeiro for making me wait for four months for this final moment. Even if he assured me that it was really necessary.
My sincere thank you to everyone in this fantastic team, for making me feel confident and for finally allowing me to show a proud smile.”
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Carla Marisa TESTIMONY

“I reached the clinic because, for a long time, I wanted to improve my mouth, and, during my searching process, I found your clinic on Facebook. After that…”