Luis Brincheiro

They have asked me to provide my testimony on this experience, but, for people like me, who have been struggling with dental problems for quite some time, in my case since my 20s and, now, having hit the 50s, it will not be a testimony of this experience only, rather a life testimony. The limitations regarding the way we talk, eat, smile, all those we try to brush aside when we are young, only to become a major problem when our professional life turns it into a daily challenge. As years go by, and as the gums become shorter and shorter, using the so-called normal prostheses becomes an impossible task.
The daily concerns are, generally speaking, similar to anyone else’s but, for us, knowing what we will eat, when we will eat, being aware if we are going to talk in front of a large audience, well, not to mention our intimate friend, the “glue”, which almost reaches a plateau of dependence… We have to recall that, 30 years ago, going to a dentist was the equivalent of having to go through some suffering, and I can say I suffered quite a lot, to the point where I even passed out in some of those visits.
Around 5 years ago, the gums were so tarnished that I couldn’t even use glue to hold those prostheses when it was time to eat, which was the most crucial thing of all… I did some research on implants and I went straight to the nearest clinic, but I quickly noticed that the prices were prohibitive for me. I then decided to check 2 clinics more, whose high prices were a bit more affordable, one of them appeared to be trustworthy but, after the visit, and since my case was quite thorny, the doctor did not seem that much secure.
I visited the second clinic, they send me for a CT scan, and the doctor also said that it would be possible to have fixed implants, since I did not have any bone left, so the prostheses would have to be detachable… I went back and forth for 3 years amid this whole process, and I stopped doing it, as I considered that there was nothing else to do… Nothing at all, even being aware that there were more clinics, this was 3 years of my life without a glimpse of success.
Last year, on my Facebook, an ad from Clinica Cero popped up.
I scheduled an appointment and, on the first one, they told me that my case was quite complicated, but not impossible, that I probably wouldn’t be able to go out with fixed prostheses on the same day. I gained courage, as I thought that this would be one occasion more where I would sit on that chair, with needles, blood, all those things that had been a plight for me for years and years, and it wouldn’t be easy… on top of that, and not less important, the price was also a concern.
Fortunately, all my fears did not have any justification, the surgery was conducted in an operating room, with proper conditions, at a fabulous office and by a staff of doctors and nurses, who were deeply careful and qualified. 4 hours without any pain, without a single grasp, without tasting blood… The lower jaw ended up attached, but unfortunately the upper did not meet the same fate, since my situation was so bad that it could not fix any prosthesis right after surgery. The healing process took 4 months.
Then, and when I was already thinking that I’d need to put a fixed upper prosthesis, it was noticed that one of the 4 implants had not been “attached”, once again because I almost had no bone left. A new implant was made, with a brand new technique, and another 4 months were necessary, but in the meantime a new upper prosthesis was made, which was attached with springs with 3 and not 4 points, which did not require any glue.
After 4 months, newly fixed prostheses were made, both for the lower and the upper jaws. Today, and with two months already gone, life acquired a new perspective… The glue is over, the sealed smiles are gone, the fears are gone and everything else acquired a new brightness… Unfortunately I lost many years of my life… but it’s never too late, after all life begins at 50…
Pick the place which you are most fond of. I chose this clinic, I don’t regret a single thing, but, even more importantly, make a decision, as there is life beyond teeth.
Luis Brincheiro
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