urrently, Cosmetic Dentistry is a trending subject, because with the increasing demand for the aesthetic medicine, the cosmetic dentistry could not miss the opportunity to make an important contribution in the quest for the perfect smile. Nowadays, dentists devoted to cosmetic dentistry have at their disposal a wide range of tools and techniques in order to improve your smile’s appearance.

The advances in technology and in the dental materials allow the chance to grant our treatment a natural look, at the level of tooth color, as well as being able to achieve a more durable and predictable aesthetic dental treatments. Furthermore, the professionals use more conservative techniques in order to preserve the tooth’s natural structure as much as possible.

Before making your decision on a cosmetic dentistry procedure, it’s important to be aware of all the benefits and risks which we may face throughout the process. One of the important points is to know the professional’s experience related to this process, as well as if some kind of special maintenance is needed after the process’s conclusion.

The several treatments which we have at your disposal regarding Cosmetic Dentistry are:


As time moves on, teeth become stained or darker, particularly with those with smoking habits or those who take a certain kind of medication which leads to dental placement. However, pigment foods and beverages also lead to the darkening of our teeth.

The whitening procedure can be completed in two ways:

– Through a customized mouthpiece in which one applies the whitening solution that is touching the teeth. We call this the ambulatory whitening (it can be carried out at home) and it can take from two to four weeks until the process is fully completed.

– Through a Laser that is going to activate the chemical product which is responsible for the whitening. This type of whitening is carried out inside the clinic and allows the use of a whitening chemical with a concentration that is higher in comparison with the one used at home. This kind of whitening is carried out in 90 minutes under the supervision of a physician.

The whitening, in normal conditions, and depending on the habits of each individual, can last between 2 and 3 years.


The crowns, also known as caps, fulfill the role of covering the tooth in order to give it back its natural shape and appearance. Due to its costs, they are not always used in cases which such treatment is indicated, thus another type of treatment takes place, using resin restorations which, with time, lead to tooth decay. Crowns have a longer life expectancy than other types of cosmetic restorations.


Ceramic veneers are thin caps made of ceramics which are applied on the front teeth, with the goal of changing the color or shape of your teeth. These veneers are indicated for worn, broken, extremely darken, unusual anatomic shape, diastema correction (space between teeth) or crooked teeth.

These caps are built and customized for each step, with the professional having to previously prepare and assess the tooth.

They have a life expectancy similar to the crowns and they keep the color’s stability for a long period of time.


Dental implants work as “artificial dental roots”, in which the fixation of a ceramic or an acrylic tooth is allowed. They represent the technique of replacing dental pieces which resemble our natural tooth the most. Often, the result is not only an improved smile, but also a younger appearance, as the absence of teeth leads to facial changes, making people look older.


The smile makeover procedure encompasses a detailed assessment of the aesthetic issues of each smile. Usually, one needs more than just one dental procedure, in order to reach a perfect smile, such as dental veneers, dental implants, gingival curettage and dental whitening in several teeth, both in the upper and lower jaws.


In the cases of patients who present an advanced state of dental decay, we have to go for a full mouth reconstruction. Since this integral treatment will allow the chance to correct functional issues at the level of the bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure. The top-notch dental materials nowadays available allow a durable and functional full mouth reconstruction and whose aesthetic resembles a natural appearance very much.

The question which you should do is:

What is the proper procedure for my case?

Only an experienced and skilled professional can help you with this question, by answering any question and/or doubt that you may have about the techniques used to improve your smile. The condition of your teeth and the result that is expected by you have a decisive influence when choosing the best procedure for your situation. In case you’re interested in starting a makeover process for your smile, there are some questions that you should ask to the professional before deciding about the ideal treatment for your case:

– What changes will take place in my smile?

– What should I expect throughout the treatment’s process?

– What sort of maintenance will be needed after the treatment’s conclusion?

– What are the guarantees that you offer related to the treatment?


With the goal of finding a professional who is used and has experience in cosmetic dentistry, we recommend you to pose the following questions before starting the treatment:

– ask to see photos of real patients and of that professional in particular, and not of cases performed by other colleagues. Ask as well for photos of cases similar to yours and how they finished the treatment. These photos will allow you to assess and evaluate the results of other patients handled by this professional, making sure that his work suits your needs and expectations.

– look out for references on a given profession, as this will allow you to have an idea about the quality of the treatment and care that he provides.

– try to know if the professional has been keeping himself up to date with the goal of remaining in the frontline when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

– the professional must address all your questions in a clear and objective way, as well as providing information on the techniques used to improve your Smile. The professional has the goal to make you at ease and give you the proper confidence about the results obtained by his treatment to solve your case.

We hope that you are now feeling more confident to search your treatment with this information.

The CERO team wishes a wonderful week to all of our readers

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

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