This technique comprises the placement of 3 implants per jaw, which are distributed according to the patients’ osseous availability, hence forming a triangle. Some parts (Locators®) are screwed on the implants, which are the male fittings for the female fittings that are placed on the prosthetic structure, therefore holding the tooth structure. One of the big advantages of this rehab, when compared to those traditional acrylic prosthetics, is related to the fact that the upper tooth structure does not cover the palate with acrylic.
For your daily personal hygiene, this solution requires you to remove the teeth fixed to the implants.
It is specifically advised to patients who are totally toothless and struggle to hold traditional acrylic prosthetics due to a severe bone or gum loss, or for patients who are looking for a better solution that acrylic prosthetics, but, for some reason, cannot go for the “Teeth in 1 Day” solution.