Sílvia Manuela dos Santos Costa

My name is Sílvia Manuela Simões Sandão dos Santos Costa, I was born on August 2, 1968 in Luanda, Angola.
I had a very happy childhood, where I was allowed to play, study, eat sweets and above all, to be happy. I grew up and became a beautiful young lady, people would say that I was drawn in charcoal pencil.
I started to have teeth decay problems very early since I always enjoyed eating sweets, as well as my siblings. I don’t remember to go to the dentist as a child even once.
Day after day things were getting worse, I had many bad teeth. Then I went to the dentist for the first time at 16 years old. I remember they took one of my teeth out when I was in a lot of pain. After that I became scared and afraid of going to the dentist, because each one of the few times I went to the dentist, the only thing they did was removing my teeth, with all this my teeth became rotten very quickly once they never really treated it.
At 22 I had my front teeth all destroyed and it looked terrible, I was very sad because other that considering myself a very beautiful woman, I am very conscious and concerned about my beauty and look. It was then that I decided to take the courage and go alone to the dentist to get a solution for my case. I got there and they told me that the best thing was to remove the front teeth and put a denture, I didn’t see another option and I accepted.
It was all done in one day, with some pain, screaming and tears, the denture was placed, it was horrible, it tasted bitter in my mouth.
In the early days I got very sad and I was embarrassed to smile because people would see that I had no teeth, but over the years I got used to that strange thing in my mouth.
A few years later a friend told me that her father was going to remove two teeth and put implants, naively I asked what these implants were and she explained and told me that I could do the same. I loved the idea!!!
It was the beginning of a dream! I didn’t really know what it was so I started asking questions, reading and above all, dreaming with implants in my mouth. I couldn’t stop thinking how good it would be to be able to smile again naturally, but the dream was so far away because I didn’t have the money.
In 2015 (25 years later) i saw an advertisement for CERO Clinic and i made a research on the doctors and what they do. It was when I talked to a Portuguese friend to ask if he knew the clinic and coincidently he told me that he and his wife had treated their teeth there and that I could be confident because everyone is great. In the same day he gave me Dr. Tiago’s contact.
There was then a new hope for me, what before was a dream was now close to being a reality. I couldn’t believe it!
I gained courage and called Dr. Tiago who kindly explained to me how the clinic and the team works, and asked me for a panoramic x-ray and after that I could see my problem.
On October 8, 2015 I went to the surgery room and after the anesthesia the remaining upper and some of the lower teeth were removed, after that my beloved implants were placed. After that it was the beginning of a new life for me with the provisional teeth in my mouth, I became the happiest person on earth. Four months later I came back to put the definitive teeth! On March 22, 2016 Dr. Tiago put the teeth. It was a mix of emotions that I still can’t explain.
I feel prettier, happier, relaxed, etc.
I thank god and ask him to bless the hands of Dr. Tiago and Dr. Luís who from the first day were always kind and tolerant with me (I’m not easy, I scream even without pain).
I thank all the team in CERO, Dr. Luís and especially my dear Dr. Tiago for giving me back 25 years after a new smile in 24 hours.
Sílvia Costa
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