Have you ever imagined implants and new beautiful teeth, all in one day?

Welcome to Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetic Clinic. The “Teeth in 1 day” treatment was created for patients who are time conscious and need or want a same day solution. Also the patients who visit us from abroad will benefit from this time effective treatment, reducing the number of necessary appointments.

The developments in implant technology and the new protocols allow us to perform on a daily basis and with predictability what would be nearly impossible just a few years ago, in only 1 day. Just 10 Years ago the standard approach for rehabilitation with dental implants would consist in performing the implant surgery and wait for a period of 6 months for the bone to grow on the surface of the implant (osseointegration). During this period patients had to wear provisional acrylic removable dentures or remain toothless for that period.

Our “Teeth in 1 Day” treatment consists of placing the dental implants and the fixed provisional teeth all in the same day, allowing a fantastic quality of life.

This is a very attractive solution for people who already wear dentures or for those who seek or need a complete rehabilitation of one or both arches.

After the initial assessment and other necessary complementary exams, the patients who meet the clinical criteria for this type of treatment will receive 4 to 6 implants per jaw and new teeth in just one day – without bone grafts.

This pioneer procedure, developed in Europe and approved by the FDA and CE, has a higher success rate than the traditional approach it replaces; moreover it’s a less costly and faster treatment.

To find out if your case is suitable for our “Teeth in 1 Day” treatment, contact us for your evaluation appointment or fill in the form to our initial assessment.

Initial Assessment

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General Procedure Step by Step

This clinical solution has been developed to maximize the use of the available bone and to allow the placement of fixed teeth in the same day. Using 4 to 6 implants in each arch with a strategic distribution will allow a secure and optimal support for the placement of fixed teeth, even in patients with very little bone available.

Evaluation appointment – At this stage we perform a thorough clinical examination and detailed analysis of exams such as X-rays or CT Scans.

A treatment plan, complete with timings and complete budget is then created.

This is a very important stage because it’s when we will verify if the patient meets the criteria to undergo this treatment.

Preparation of 3D study casts and bite registration.

The patient, together with our team, will choose the size, shape, and colour of the new teeth.

Then one of our team members will issue the prescription for the appropriate medication for each patient.

Surgery day.

During the surgery day, we begin by removing the remaining teeth (if any), and then proceed to place the necessary dental implants; in the afternoon we deliver the provisional fixed teeth.

This solution advocates the placement of implants and teeth on the same day. Often referred to as “All on 4” or “Same Day Teeth” it is a treatment option for the rehabilitation of jaws where there is a lack of teeth, or where the teeth that are present are severely and irreversibly lost (for example, extensive periodontal disease, when the extraction of all remaining teeth is recommended).

The patient will arrive to the clinic for Phase 3 (Surgery day) having already taken their prescribed, personalized medication.

The entire surgical procedure, including all extractions if there’s presence of teeth, implant placement and necessary impressions for mounting the new teeth is made in about an hour and a half by arch. All is performed under local anaesthesia so you don’t feel any pain whatsoever.

Approximately 6 hours after the surgical stage, the patient receives the temporary fixed teeth. Then, all the necessary oclusal adjustments are implemented to set the patient’s bite correctly.

Post-operative instructions are then given to the patient, who will then be free to return home, have a meal and a well-earned rest.

Most Frequent Question – FAQ

  •  World class and highly-trained specialists with more than 12.000 implants (with a success rate of 99%) in the last 10 years. This team will be able to deal with every emerging problem in the field of dental treatment, which is particular suitable to anxious and nervous patients.
  •  Amazing location right in the heart of Lisbon, near the most exclusive hotels, restaurants and fashion stores.
  •  Surgical, Dental and Radiologic equipment with cutting edge technology (CT Scan, Digital and Panoramic X-Ray, Intra Oral Video Cameras, Smile Simulation, 3D Printer).
  •  In-House Laboraty which allow to delivery an unique, accurate and perfect teeth to our patients.
  •  Dedicated customer care team which will provide the best enjoyable and relaxing experience during your stay.
  •  The opportunity to combine your dental treatment and an exciting vacation in Lisbon.
  •  The osseointegration (bone healing) begins immediately.
  •  No need to wait for the bone healing period to place the implants.
  •  You will never be without fixed teeth.
  •  Minimal recovery time.
  •  You have more comfort since the first treatment day.
  •  You don´t need to have a second stage surgery to re-open the gums.
  •  You will not suffer so much between every appointment, because the gums are already cicatrized.
  •  We make the final work more predictable, because we have provisional teeth to work between our team and the patient, where we can see and improve the final structure.
  •  You will have beautiful and natural fixed teeth while the implants undergo osseointegration.
  •  Bone resorption is smaller after tooth extraction.
  •  In our actual days, the time is very expensive, and with this type of treatment, you will not expend too much time in our Clinics.

Price Per Jaw: 8250€ (Around 7300£)

  • CT scan
  •  Nobel Clinician 3D surgical planning
  •  Treatment Plan
  •  Teeth extractions
  •  Bone contouring
  •  Premium MIS or NobelReplace CC Implants
  •  Premium titanium abutments
  •  Same-day fixed temporary bridge
  •  Permanently fixed reinforced bridge
  •  Operation fees
  •  Detailed medical report in your language
  •  Accommodation – 1 Night ( First Trip) more 5 Nights (Second Trip) on 4 start hotel
  •  Airport Transfers
  •  After care and reviews
  •  Genuine lifetime guarantee for Implants

Optional Services

  •  Elective touristic activities
  •  Elective activities for accompanying person
  •  Risk insurance (should you not have one)
  •  Chewing ability restored and will be able to eat as normal and enjoy the foods you love
  •  Eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth
  •  Get fully-functioning, new teeth in a short amount of time
  •  Beautiful and natural fixed teeth that feel and work like your natural dentition
  •  You can smile again with confindence
  •  Higher level of self-confidence and better quality of life

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