hen the gums don’t make it easier to attain a predictable aesthetical outcome… The purpose of today’s post is to introduce the singular and complex case of this patient of ours.

We are not saying that every single one of our clinic cases is not complex and unique, whilst being properly worked and tailored by taking into account each one of our patients.

But in this specific situation, we have a patient who only agreed to do the treatment under strong guarantees of success, in terms of aesthetical and, of course, functional demands as well.

When we talk about the smile, we’re automatically talking about the front teeth, to which we, professionals, and also our patients, dedicate most of our attention and investment, when it comes to time and money.

Even though we’re currently able to practice Dental Medicine with a high degree of predictability, when we have to face a gum defect that is placed on the most aesthetic area of our smile, and with such magnitude, it’s absolutely natural to show some apprehension and precaution regarding its guarantees of success.

The work consisted of applying ceramic facets Zirkonzahn on all of the patient’s teeth, as well as the placement of dental implants.

After carrying out a bone graft surgery on the soft tissue (gum) we were able to achieve an outcome within rather reasonable parameters, in terms of aesthetics and oral and gingival health.

There’s happiness for the patient, the work to make us feel a sense of accomplishment and the photos to makes us recall the case and show the results of our team’s effort.

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