Our dear friend and patient Patrício Gonçalves was born in Leiria, but lives abroad (Yemen), and contacted our services to address chronic oral health issues. His goal was quite clear: solving his clinical case with the greatest confidence, as soon as possible, requiring the minimum number of appointments.

In our patient’s clinical picture, the indicated and suggested treatment consisted of a combination of between two types of complex oral rehabilitation: The “Teeth in 1 day” treatment for the lower jaw and ceramic crowns on teeth in the upper jaw.

After a first diagnosis, our medical team found an orthodontic appliance and crowns already maladapted, which aesthetically compromised the well-being and looks of the patient’s smile. In the upper jaw, the solution was the placement of Zirkonzahn ceramic crowns on teeth and on 1 implant. The “Teeth in 1 Day” was used for the lower jaw, extracting the existing dentition and placing a fully fixed prosthesis on implants.  

The result of this two-fold treatment was excellent from the aesthetic and functional point of view, and our patient’s feedback was undoubtedly a reason to be proud, as he was able not only to vastly improve his quality of life, but also to maintain his own dentition, which was still in good condition.

The success of these treatments allowed Patrício to reconquer his confidence, smiling again with the joy of past times, this type of solutions has plenty of benefits, since they do not require many appointments to be finished, which, for patients who live far away, is an important decision factor. Patrício is yet another friend of our Clinic and a successful case of a new, confident CERO smile.  

From the first day you step into our Clinic until the day you leave with your SMILE, you will always be followed by Dr. Tiago Ribeiro (responsible for oral rehabilitation), as well as Dr. Luís Pinheiro (responsible for surgery).

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro

Graduated in Dental Medicine in 2007 at the I.S.C.S.E.M. – Monte de Caparica – Portugal

Registered in the O.M.D. – Portugal (the Portuguese correspondent with the British General Dental Council) since August 2007

Private Practice in Oral and Aesthetic Complex Rehabilitation (Implants and Teeth)

Clinical Director of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation of Lisbon – C.E.R.O. – Almada

Responsible for the Department of Oral Rehabilitation of the Center for Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation, Lisbon and Almada

Plastic –Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery – University Complutense Madrid

Orthodontic and dental-facial Orthopedics – International Institute of Medical & Dental Science

Guest monitor of Biophysic in Dentistry Course in ISCS – Egas Moniz in years 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.

Advanced course in Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Hyaluronic acid injections – Med – Estetic Madrid

Clinical Review in Occlusion Assessment

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